How To Do A Takashi Boing

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to show you is the takashi boing. It's based off of the boing-e-boing and it involves popping the yo-yo out and back into the boing-e-boing that you're doing. Let me show you what this looks like real quick. When you're in the middle of a boing-e-boing and it's going, you pop the yo-yo out and as you're doing so you then pop it back into it, just like that. It's popping out of the boing-e-boing, back into it, then you pop out the other way and back into it. It's a really cool looking trick, it's really nice to break up a boing-e-boing in the middle of it, looks like so. One more time; let me show you what it looks like when I do it. So from boing-e-boing make sure you can do a great boing-e-boing already in this trick. What you want to do as it's coming over on this side, you'll let it out towards the left and you just swing it over, once it goes right over your throw hand pointer and you bring it back up into the boing-e-boing like so. So just try doing that at first. Let me show you from this side. It swings right out, it swings over your throw hand pointer and it comes back in and you start boing with it again. So practice that as the first step. Second step, once you've gone that far, so practice that, get that going good. You're actually popping out the same way and you're reversing the direction, except that it's going to come in through the back. Let me see if you can see this from here. We're doing the first step, the second step it comes out the back and lands on this string. It's the string more towards your right, it comes around and hooks in like that and then you're right back in a boing-e-boing now. So you can start bouncing it back again like so. Let me show you from this side again, it comes out from to the left once you've got it going, comes out to the left and comes from the back and then you can just finish up your boing-e-boing. This one has an extra little tangle here, so it's really good to get out with a ripcord. It makes it look really smooth, really precise. One more time, it's the takashi boing.

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