Jade Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick is a variation of "iron whip." A lot of people call it "jade whip." It's cool-looking. It's really smooth. It's a good trick to throw in the middle of tricks. It looks like this, where you actually just throw the yo-yo over and you whip it as it's coming around. So you want to know how to do "iron whip" already, or at least have the motion. Some people find "jade whip" a little easier when you're first learning "iron whip," and that's great, if you find it easier to do it this way, but do have the understanding of how you're whipping the yo-yo string. Watch the "iron whip" video; get the gist of you, you whip the string. That's going to help you out. So "jade whip." The yo-yo comes over your hand and you grab the string in one fluent motion, you whip the yo-yo over the string just like so. It's a really nice, easy way if you drop a string, you can just hook into it, and like that. What you want to do is, the yo-yo comes around the back of your hand. As it does this, let me try and catch the string and show you what happens. You'll see that the whip just forms--that loop is already over your wrist, because the yo-yo's come over it, the loop is there, , and what you want to do is, after that loops' coming over it, just pull your finger in. You've already got your loop. The yo-yo's going to keep swinging, so what you do it, as that's coming over, once you pinch, then you immediately start your whipping motion over, and that's going to "whip" onto the yo-yo itself. So in one fluent motion, the yo-yo comes over, you grab, and you whip it, just like so. It?s a lot easier to do if you keep your other hand out of the way. Just use that one hand to guide that string into the yo-yo gap. Practice this one a lot. Practice the regular "iron whip" a lot. It's really going to help you to get the motion down, like I said, and once you have this, you'll be really impressing everyone.

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