Offstring Gyroscopic Flop

Yo-Yo Trick

So for this next trick, Gyroscopic Flop, you have to get a good throw in and this is what it looks like, and it spins the other way when it returns. But like I said in the beginning, you have to get a good throw in because a lot of the spin dies out throughout the trick. And what happens is to do the trick you're going to pop it onto the front string and then tighten it up so your hands should be like this. Your throw hand should hold it like you're doing a normal whip or just holding it regularly. You pop it to the front string and you have the front string lower and back string there, you�re going to make it tighter so the string goes over. And from there you're just going to take this hand and turn it over and control the yo-yo. So front string, close the gap, and then just use this front string to control the yo-yo and tip it back over. And you want to tip it towards your body so you're bringing this finger towards this way. And that�s all there is to the trick.

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