Wind Off String Yo-Yos

Yo-Yo Trick

So, I'm going to show you how to wind an off string yoyo. It's pretty simple. You already know how to wind a yoyo. It's pretty easy just kinda go around and around and around. With off string because there is nothing to connect to, you'll notice the strings are obviously not around there. What you actually have to do is you grab the string like so, you bring it up around, and see how we've got one string that hold on to, so we hold on to one string like that, and bring up around like that. And I wrap it, one, two, this is my third time coming around. I drop the string into there and it goes right into the gap like so, and I just finish rolling it right into that like so. Now, you might look and then go, "Well, that's just going to give me a knot. That's never going to come out." But as a matter of fact, it will come right out when you go to throw it. So, let me show you one more time. I pulled the string through, grab it with my finger, and I wrap once, twice, three times before usually letting go like that, and finish wrapping up in there. And you'll notice, when I go to throw, the yoyo comes right off, and you're ready to learn an off string trick.

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