Offstring Behind the Back Orbits

Yo-Yo Trick

So this next trick is Behind the Back Orbits and its pretty much like leg orbits but behind your back. And there are several ways to get into it. One of the ways is to just take the yoyo and bring it behind your back, and then you're there in the stance. Or you can pop it up and then bring the string around, grab it, and land it behind your back, and that may be the fancier way to do it. But once you're there it really is just like leg orbits. So you're right here and you're going to pop it, it takes a lot of focus and definitely a lot of practice, you're going to pop it with this hand, and you can use your right hand also to help you. But when you pop it up you're going to pop it across your body and its like leg orbits, you want to toss it to the other side and use your back help u to balance the string. So another trick I use to help is, it takes a lot of focus and you want to watch the yo-yo across your body the whole time, it helps to bend your knees and get as much balance as you can. Just pop it up and use the string to catch the yo-yo, and once again, keep your hands straight the whole time. And that's all there is to Behind the Back Orbits

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