Offstring Regeneration

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick I'm going to teach you is called the off string regeneration. This is a great trick and it's important to know both, mounts, the forward pass mount and the brain twister mount that we went over previously. So, what you're doing is you're actually throwing the yoyo. You're binding it and then re-throwing it back into the opposite mount. Looks like this. So you throw the yoyo, what you're actually doing is recalling it back. And you'll notice, I'm going to throw it into a brain twister mount. So it looks like this and then I throw it back down. Let me try that one more time. Sometimes, you might need to adjust the gap. If your gap is too loose or too tight, sometimes, it won't grab or it's going to grab too much. In this case, my gap is really tight, and you can see that it's grabbing right away. So keep that in mind, if you're having a similar thing happen to you, you just might have your gap too tight. So, what you do, one more time, you throw from a forward pass just like this, you recall, throw back down into a brain twister mount just like that. Let me show you again. So, you can throw, that's into your brain twister mount, call it back, throw into a forward pass mount, regenerate back into your brain twister mount, regenerate it back into a forward pass mount. That's the basics of it. It just takes practice getting the feel. Like I said as you noticed, in the beginning I was having a hard time getting it just right. What you really want to do is adjust your gap, if your yoyo uses those stickers, kinda play around with them, it might be too responsive. It might be too loose. You're going to have to get the right feel for it. And once you do, you saw at the end that I was finally able to get it. It just takes practice. It's definitely well worth learning that because in the middle of the trick, you can just regenerate it back into doing something else. That's off string regenerations.