Offstring Toss and Catch

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick I'll be showing you is the basic toss which you're just tossing the yoyo and just landing it on the string - and you can do several of these. What you want to do is you want to throw the yo-yo out and grab the string with your throw hand and stay balanced the whole time, that's the key to keeping the yo-yo spinning. I usually keep my left hand still, and what I'm doing is I'm holding this with my finger so there's kind of a gap in the middle so you have room to throw the yo-yo up. And what you want to do is just hold with your throw hand and as you're doing that you're kind of just going to toss the yo-yo in the air, just like the motion, like that. Another trick I use is I use my non-throw hand thumb to kind of make a gap so the top string doesn't get in the way, and then just toss it. And this kind of allows you to maybe pop it on another string by just switching it using your left hand to control, and that's the basic toss and catch.

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