Offstring Arm Orbits

Yo-Yo Trick

Since we just did Leg Orbits another trick, here it is, is Arm Orbits. And for this trick, what you're going to do is take your throw hand elbow and stick it inside the yo-yo. So you see how I�m doing that, I�m taking it inside the string and I�m pinching this so I have something to control right there. I can show you this way, like that. So I�m pinching this string so you have something to aim it at, so what you're trying to do is just toss this onto the string where you're pinching. So try to get it near your fingers, and then you'll be able to hit it each time, but it definitely takes practice to get it. But yeah, it's the same motion, you're just tossing with your non-throw hand behind you, and you want to try to keep it straight and hold it tight. Use your arm to help you do that so that it will land right there, and then you just toss it back there and just stay relaxed. And that's the Arm Orbit trick.

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