Atomsmasher Counterweight

Yo-Yo Trick

This is atom smasher with freehand. If you haven't learned split the atom already, go take a look at that video. You're going to need to know that trick to get through this. This trick actually starts out with a split the atom. It comes forward then backwards like so, and what you actually do is release the string like that, and you can either catch it again or you can let it come up and around. The key is that because you've just un-split the atom it's actually now on your other finger than the Brain Twister. So that way when you roll, it's coming up off this other hand. And that's important because freehand is kind of all about switching hands, doing it with different parts of your body. It's kinda cool that you can just switch, switch hand you're actually yoyoing with, in that sense. So one more time, freehand atom smasher, you come forward, backward just like split the atom. And where you would normally do these barrels that we talked on the first one, you're actually going to swing the yoyo around, releasing that dice and letting it carry up and over like so. So, one more time, it looks like this. It comes forward, backwards, and then I release like that. Comes back around to a catch. So atom smasher, forward, backwards, release. That's freehand atom smasher.

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