Time Warp / Warp Drive

Yo-Yo Trick

Next two-hand yo-yoing trick we're going to work on is a combination of warp drive and time warp. So, what you want to do is practice both of these motions first. Warp drive is when you're throwing loops and you throw from the loop into an around the world back to the loop. So, the real key is going from the loops to around the world. When you first start practicing that, just get that whole motion down because we're only going to work on this first part, its throwing into around the world. For time warp, you're actually doing front loops, you're actually throwing the yo-yo backwards into an around the world like so. So, basically, what you're going to be doing is throwing one backwards and one forward but you're doing this from the loops. So, to practice these two, you can throw one around the world forward, one around the world backwards. Get the feel of this motion and then what you want to do is start this from loops. I usually do the time warp with my more dominant hand. So, as I'm looping, I'll do it with this hand coming down, like so. And then with my less dominant hand, I'll do the warp drive so it shoots around. What you want to do is practice this, two hands. One hand is going to go down, one hand is going to go up. The trick should look like this. So, one hand is going to go kinda like so. Lost control of one yo-yo there. Let's try that again. Just like that. So, practice loops, around the world one hand, time warp with the other, and that's it.

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