Milk the Cow

Yo-Yo Trick

Okay, the next trick we're going to work on today is called milk the cow. A funny name but it's kind of motion you make. It's actually two hop the fences, one with both hands. So, get hop the fence down with your throw hand, your normal throw hand. Then move on to your nondominant hand. Get a strong hop the fence down, just like that. And then once again, just like two handed loops, I found when I first started this trick, it was a little bit easier to do them simultaneously, just like that. And that over time it's actually easier to control them if you do them at different times, just like that. This is milk the cow at a contest. They'll look for about three to ten of these with each hand. You'll notice that I'll have to stop halfway through and do my sidewinder to make sure that my strings are the right tension because I'm pulling, as it gets too tight or too loose. I won't be able to control the yo-yos as well. So practice this, just like two-handed loops. It's going to take a lot of time, a lot of practice to get your brain to be able to do this with both hands. It just takes time though and you'll be able to milk the cow.

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