Double or Nothing Stall - 5A

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright - this trick is called the Double or Nothing Stall.

If you notice on this trick the second stall is a little different in that it doesn't wrap all the way around the yo-yo.

I will show you that again.

The first step to this trick is a double or nothing. If you haven't learned that already please go back and watch that video. It's not neccasary for the actual trick however it makes it look that much better.

To get to the first stall what you have to do is pull away from the double or nothing formation and the momemtum from that is going to carry it all the way around for the first stall. Once you reach the peak of that first stall you want to pull the formation again that will dismount the entire thing and you go into the second stall.

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