Spirit Bomb

Yo-Yo Trick

Spirit Bomb Part 1:

Next trick we're going to be working on is called "spirit bomb." This is a really cool trick. It's hard. It's going to be one of the toughest tricks that we're actually going to be working on throughout these segments we're doing, but it's worth learning. Let me show you what it looks like, the whole trick itself. This is "spirit bomb." It starts with that wrist mount that we were doing. It has one pop. It has two pops. You drop, and then dismount from that. It's cool because it looks like you're going to get it into a knot the whole time. It's a really complicated-looking trick. People will watch you do that and go, "That's the most insane thing I've ever seen." It's worth it. It's going to take practice, but it's worth it. Start with a wrist mount. If you don't know a wrist mount, the earlier segment we just did went over it. Get into a wrist mount. the next step, you push into the string that's on your wrist. you take your pointer finger and your non-throw hand into the string, and land the yo-yo on that string. So you can hold it right there. You've got a triangle connected to this hand, and it kind of looks like a heart, or something like that, the shape of it, the shape that it's creating right there. So this is from the wrist mount. One more time, let me show you how to get into this: it's the wrist mount. you push into the string, and then land the yo-yo on there. This is the tricky part. You want to go from here, you want to go double onto the string, so you just push onto that same string the yo-yo's on. It goes double-on. And this is where it's really good to have a good "kwyjibo" down, because this is a very similar move to "kwyjibo." What you're actually doing is taking the yo-yo and it's being popped up through here, and if you're crossing your hands underneath it as it does this. I'm going to show you really quickly what this looks like, and then I'll let you watch it a couple of times to get the idea. What you're doing is you're going double-on, you're popping it into this string, a and crossing your throw hand. Whoops. Let me try that again. You're crossing your two hands over each other. Like that. It was fast, but what's happening is you're non-throw hand is coming right over your throw hand. From here is the second part. If you just want to get out of here and practice this, you can swing the yo-yo back to your left, and you're actually right back where you started. so it's a good maneuver to practice. this is the first part of "spirit bomb." You go in, double-on, pop. I'll try that again. You go in, and pop. One more time. As I said, this is one of the more technical tricks. It's a little harder to hit, but it's worth practicing and getting smooth. So we're going to move on to step two to finish up the trick.

Spirit Bomb Part 2:

This is part 2 to Spirit Bomb, this is a great trick. Really technical, as you saw in the last segment. The whole trick itself looks like this. We've gone that far. Let me get out of here and do that again. We have gotten to the first pop, which is right here and then the second pop, which is the hardest part of the trick, believe it or not, brings you there. And then you dismount from the whole thing. So, lets get to where we were from part one. We've done this. We've done the first move and then we've done the pop. O.K. Remember if you're here, you can actually just get into the pop, by swinging the Yo-Yo over, if you just want to practice this second part. And this is how I'm going to be teaching you how to do it. Keep to mind, what we would have just have done is we've gone and popped. I'm just going to teach you from a regular wrist mount, which was this, how to get into it from there. You just basically swing it over your throw hand and you?re ready to do the second part. To do this, again, another similar move to Kwijibo. What you want to do is pop the Yo-Yo up in mid-air and you bring your throw hand underneath it. Watch what happens when I do this here. My throw hand's here, there's a triangle it forms. As your hand pulls across, this is actually the triangle the Yo-Yo's going to go through and drop straight down into it and lands on the string below. And it looks like you're right back in a wrist mount and it's pretty close to it. There's just one extra wrap but it still comes out when you dismount from it normally. So, let me show you that again. It's from the wrist mount. We're just skipping the first part of the trick. You?re popping it up. You?re pulling your throw hand under and your catching it in that triangle. It's right there. Its right through that and drop straight onto the string below. That's Spirit Bomb. Let me put the whole thing together for you now. So, you've got the first part. You go under, in, you've got the first pop. If you miss there's also ways, you'll notice I'm missing here and there, when you hit, if you were to miss that you can actually just replace it back on the string if you want by throwing it over and swinging it back, just like that. Let me show you again, the whole trick, Spirit Bomb. You've got your first pop. You're going to pop it up, forms that triangle and that's what it drops through. Come back under, dismount, as was shown in the wrist mount part, and that's Spirit Bomb. Watch the video a couple times. Takes a lot of practice but it's worth it.

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