Two-Handed Loops

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick, we're going to work on is called two-handed loops. Obviously, you're going to want to learn looping with one hand first. It looks just like that. The next thing you're going to want to start practicing is doing it with the other hand. So, two-handed loops, you need your left hand in there too, might be some right hands for you, normal left handers. You just want to practice getting really strong loops with both hands like that and eventually, you'll be able to throw them together. It's kinda like a juggling motion. It's going back and forth. It just takes a lot of practice, a lot of brain control over your hands. So, when you first start practicing this, what you want to do is you can either start with them going at the same time. You'll notice, right now, I'm shooting them out simultaneously or you can do them off each other like so. As one's coming in, the other one's shooting out. I had found when I was learning this trick that I started simultaneously. Was pretty good. It helps me get the motions in my head. It helped me control my hands at the same time and I had a little more control as I was starting. And then, once you get a little better, try and do them non-simultaneously. It sound funny to be doing two different things with your hands at the same time but this actually turns in to an easier motion to control because as one's shooting out, you have time to look at the other one and control that motion. And the throws are the real key. It doesn't really matter how it comes back so much but that first initial throw out there is what's really controlling that yo-yos trajectory and that's important for two-handed loops. So, practice that and you'll be ready to go.

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