Toss & Catch Offstring Trick

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick I'm going to show you is called toss and catch. Pretty straight forward, tossing the yoyo up, you're going to catch it. So, what you do first, throw the yoyo, so it's on the string. Next step is we're going to toss it into the air and there's a little to this. It's not just simply tossing and trying to catch it. There's actually a way to do it so that you can catch it nearly every time. What you want to do is, as you toss it, you simply just pull both hands apart. You can watch me do this here. I'm simply taking this. I'm just pulling both hands apart. And that's causing the yoyo to fly up into the air, one more time like that. The other trick to it is as you're going to catch, as the yoyo's coming down towards your hand, you take your throw hand that's attached to this string and you want to guide it. Wherever the yoyo is falling, you want to put your hand, almost right underneath that because that's where the string is attached and that's where you want the yoyo to fall. It's a little bit harder if you're just trying to aim the string anywhere to try and catch it so I definitely recommend bringing your hand right underneath the yoyo. So, one more time, this is toss and catch. You toss the yoyo up. You see my finger kinda coming up to guide the yoyo onto the string like so. Simply do a bind return and you're all set. That's the trick toss and catch.

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