One Hand Mount

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick I'm going to show you is called a one handed mount. What we're actually doing is mounting the yoyo on to the string in to a brain twister mount without using the other hand. It's kinda crazy. It looks like this. You throw. I swing the yoyo up. The dice comes around and I catch it. And you'll notice it's right into your brain twister mount or what we'd used for nunchucks so from there you can even go back in to a nunchuck. So, the trick itself, to practice this is what you're doing in is you're swinging the yoyo forward in a forward motion and instead of pinching, hold on to the string, you're actually kinda let the dice slide in your hand like that. You let it slide and as the yoyo is coming forward, it helps pull the dice up and under that just like so. So, one more time, I throw, I make a one big swing motion forward with the yoyo, and pull kinda in towards myself. The motion is kinda like this. I'm actually taking my hand and point in and out like that. And that's what allows the dice to swing up through the yoyo. When you first start, you'll probably going to miss the yoyo a lot just like that. You're probably going to be doing a lot of this eventually. You'll be able to get it right on. You'll be able to go slow enough to control the dice right up in to the yoyo which will cause it to mount onto the string just like that. One more time, swing. It comes up and swings around. You might end doing that a lot so you kinda get half of the momentum. The dice might only come up halfway. It might not swing all the way. If it's doing that, just make a larger swinging motion initially with that yoyo. That's really going to help the dice come up and around it like so. That's a one handed mount for freehand tricks. Practice it. It's going to be used in a little bit.

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