Kickflip Suicide!

Yo-Yo Trick

Next up, Kickflip Suicide. Looks like that. This is a classic Drew Tetz trick of the modern fixed-axle era. It's really changed the way that we play with fixed axles. You can do a lot of variations on it. It's relatively simple, but it's very difficult to do consistently. Basically, you're in a Trapeze stall like this, so if you don't know Trapeze stall, you'll have to learn that. You're going to throw the yo-yo out that way (away from your body)n so that it's going to rotate in space, and the string segment with the loop is going to come back toward your body. And as it does that you're going to try to intercept it with your finger, so you'll be back where you started. Just like in a Suicide - in a Suicide, you're throwing the yo-yo around this arm and over. In this way (in a Kickflip) in a loop on the other plane. A very very challenging trick. You want to make sure that you have good, neutral string tension, so that when you throw your trapeze stall, this (loop) isn't going to get all twisted up. With practice you can get it relatively consistent. You won't necessarily make it every time, but you'll get it a lot. Kickflip Suicide. On more time on this side so you can see it rotating. And if you want to make it even more challenging, you can throw doubles or triples. You can take the yo-yo and spin it multiple times and try to catch it. That's pretty difficult to. Like that (a double). But Kickflip Suicide is a great way to kind of join the modern progressive era of fixed axle yo-yoing. Very difficult trick, but a lot of fun.

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