Different Styles of Counterweight Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo Trick

So, we're going to be working on some freehand tricks. And I just want to basically show you what the style of play actually looks like. You'll notice that I have my yoyo. It's connected to a dice at the end of the string, and so when I throw it, it's actually not connected to my hand at all. I just hold to the dice and the yoyo at the end, and when I throw, I release the y-yo and just hold on to the dice at the end there. With this, you can actually therefore let go of it entirely. You can do tricks where you're swinging the dice around, as the yoyos coming around, come and let go like that and catch. You can actually use your body a lot. You'll notice that I can swing it around and catch over my shoulder, grab the dice, and then swing it back over. You can actually release it under your leg like so, and then release the dice and catch like that. So, you can do a lot of really cool tricks that you will never be able to do if the yoyo was attached to your hand. So, this is freehand play also known as counterweight or Five A, and I'm going to be teaching you these tricks as we move into the next section, and you can learn some really cool stuff.

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