How to Use Spacers in a Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Trick

So, another way to adjust the gap on your yo-yo besides the adjustable gaps that we just talked about in the last segment is to use something called spacers. I'm going to open up this yo-yo here and show you what that looks like. In this yo-yo, we've got our bearing. And on the side here, you'll notice I have a rubber O-ring. This rubber O-ring can fit right into the yo-yo there. And then I've got a spacer. This is a brass spacer. It fits right into the side of the yo-yo like so. And this is what helps space the bearing out from the side of the yo-yo. Now, you'll notice that if I were to remove the O-ring and just put the spacer in, okay, like so, if I screw this yo-yo together all the way, it's going to make a much smaller gap. So you may be looking at your yo-yo that you have at home right now and you might notice that when you open it up, you might have spacers. Some companies use this more than others. But if I tighten the gap the whole way, you'll notice this is a pretty tight gap. You can almost barely see the bearing in there. This will be great for going up and down, but not much else. So you could take a look at your yo-yo case, say maybe I need to make it a little bit wider. You would then open it up back to where we were before. And what you're going to do this time is you're going to take that spacer that we sunk in there before and you're going to add the O-ring to it. What this does is it pushes that spacer back out so that when you screw your yo-yo back together again, like so, it's going to give you a much wider gap. And you're going to see that here as I screw this back together as it gets all the way tight. Now, you can really see that bearing in there. This gives you a lot more room, especially when you're doing string tricks. It's going to sleep a lot longer and it's going to play a lot smoother. So take a look at your yo-yo. You might have an adjustable gap. You might need to use spacers. And from there, you can figure out how to get the play and what you need to play like.

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