Two Hand Loop Crossover

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to show you, is two-handed loop crossovers. You're actually doing two-hand loops. One hand is going to crossover the other and you actually continue doing those loops. The trick itself looks like this. You start with two-handed loops going and notice my throw hand, my right hand is actually going to come crossover and I continue that looping motion like that. One more time, let me you show at full speed. It comes over, it crosses and crosses back over. To practice this, it's really easy to practice if you just take one hand out there, it's not looping at all. I'm going to take my other throw hand and going to practice moving it over it. Notice how it's all the way to left now. Your hand, actually, you'll notice as I'm doing this, it's more of a finger motion and not wrist because I can't quite turn my wrist quite as low when it's all the way over there. Definitely practice that in that way first. So, I'm going to start over here. My left hand's here and I just bring it over and cross it like so. So, then when you have that, then practice it with your non-throw hand. So, I bring that hand out, bring it to crossover to practice that movement. Put this motion together. I find it's easier to focus on crossing over one hand.

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