Offstring Over Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, the next trick is our very first whip. This is the first whip that everyone usually learns, which is the over whip, and that�s what it is. What you want to do is you're going to grab the string and then kind of open it up. So hold it and have your finger bind the string at a placement, so when you're tossing it you can use your finger to control the string and whip the yoyo. So what's happening is as you're right here you're taking the string and then it's looped like this. Try to loop it around the yo-yo, you're going to go around and then aim your pointer finger where the string is, or wherever you have the string pinched, aim it at the gap, aim it right here, like that. And it's going to land, like that. So here's the trick one more time, what you want to do is pop it so when you open up you want to be able to pop it through the inside, near your body. Not outside because it�s harder to adjust, its easier if you pop it inside and then whip it. And that's the Over Whip.

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