How to Fix a Loose Axle on a Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Trick

So depending on what kind of yo-yo's you have over time, you're going to be unscrewing them a lot to get your knots out. This happens with anybody who's learning tricks. Over time, that axle's going to get stripped. It's not going to spin as freely when you're putting it back together. Actually, what happens a lot of times is it just completely stops grabbing all together. You might be in the middle of the trick and the yo-yo might fly apart on you. And that's probably because your axle is not sitting on the yo-yo quite as well as it used to. What you can do to fix this? Well, with an axle, let me show you real quick what's going on. An axle is just a threaded rod. You'll see all these little bits moving around it. This threads into another side of the yo-yo and it screws together. So over time, it's these threads that are solely disintegrating. They're getting smashed down and they're not working as well. What I highly recommend is if you go to a hardware store, you can look for something called Loctite or something similar. This is kind of like, almost like a slight glue. You apply it to the axle and then you screw the area back together. With this, it actually holds on to itself again, kind of creates a brand new axle for you, and it will keep the yo-yo playing a lot longer. So just when you think your yo-yo's dead, if the axle's not staying in, if it's constantly unscrewing, Definitely recommend going down to the hardware store and picking up some Loctite. It's going to highly improve the yo-yo. It's going to keep it in going, you know, much longer life.

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