Yo-Yo Caps

Yo-Yo Trick

So, we're going to talk a little bit about yo-yo caps. Pretty much any yo-yo you buy these days comes with a cap. Some of the newer metal ones are more or less just engraved in the sides of them, so the real question is, are caps important, do they add any value to the yo-yo, does it help it spin at all, and the bottom line is for the most part they're just for looks. I had a lot of people ask me do I really need my caps in, do I need to keep them in and if you'll notice a lot of times I'll actually play with my yo-yo, one cap out and one cap in. Sometimes you can do tricks where you actually can balance the yo-yo on the cap or you can do tricks that you'll see in the advanced section where you can grind the yo-yo on your actual thumb just like so and with the caps in, it makes it little more difficult, so I actually remove the caps. Caps can be made all differently. These are three different yo-yos with all sorts of crazy designs. So the caps are more or less just for looks, for show than anything else, so to remove them, these caps come right out of the suction cup. Just put a suction cup right in the cap, pull, they should come right out. Some of the other yo-yos might have an axle that you can push down on, it will pop the cap right up and off the yo-yo if you want to remove them. So just know that caps are only so important, it's more or less for looks. So the yo-yo feels better with you, for you without them, feel free to remove them.