Off String Sun

Yo-Yo Trick

So next trick we're going to work on is called a sun. This is actually a trick that was first developed from diablos. It's just what I mentioned before it's like kinda like a big spinning yoyo on two sticks. And they can turn it into an off string trick. Well, I'm just going to show you what it looks real quick. What you do is you throw the yoyo, just like we were before, and the trick itself is simply taking the yoyo and swing it like that. You'll notice now, if you'll zoom in here that I've got a cross between the string. The string's are kinda tangled like that. So because of that, you actually have to swing back the reverse way we just went. Otherwise, if I continue swinging this way, you'll notice that over time that string's is just getting more tangled and tangled, so you have to actually have to undo it and go back the other way. But either way you do it, this is referred to as a sun. With a little practice, you can actually make this look really smooth. This is going in and out of my arms and you can reverse it, so that you're back where you actually started. I gotta good choice right there. It's good practice. Makes you look really smooth. You can do this into a toss and catch, and that is the sun.

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