Offstring Back Burner

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick I�ll be showing you is called Back Burner, and you're just throwing it around your back and catching it, like that. It actually goes around your arm, and you're just swinging the yo-yo to get started. When you swing it around your arm, you kind of want to get it up. The yo-yos going to go up, so try to go more up, so that way when you're watching it you have more time to catch the string. The string is going to be just by your arm area, so when you throw it over the string is still going to be right here. Then you just grab the string with your non-throw hand, and then you focus on just catching the yo-yo. It's kind of like a normal throw but pretend like the throw is coming around you. So you're throwing it up behind your arm and landing it on the string. You need to keep your eye on the yo-yo. And that's Back Burner.

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