Volcano Offstring Trick

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next off string trick we're going to learn is something called volcano. It's a pretty cool looking one. What it looks like is this. You throw the yoyo on to the string. You're going to pull your non-throw hand over your throw hand and stick your pointer back into the string just like that. What you're actually doing is pulling which causes the yoyo to go up into the string just like that. It hits the string and shoot back down to it just like you did that first time. Let me show you again what that looks like. So, you throw; bring your hands really straight together, and pull. That yoyo is going to fly up in to that string just like that. Let me show you one more time. So, you hold your hands there, just pull it straight up just like that. It goes right up in to the air. That's called volcano. The real key to this trick is as you pull, you're pulling both hands apart; pull them together and then apart again. So, you'll notice as it is way up in the air, my hands coming together and as it comes back down, I pull my hands back apart. This not only helps guide the yoyo back down on to the string but makes it go up a lot higher and it gives it a really cool looking effect. And that's volcano.

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