Basic Styles Of Yo-Yo Play

Yo-Yo Trick

When you go to a yo-yo contest, you're going to see 5 different styles of yo-yoing. The first style if called single A, or 1A as you'll see it abbreviated at the contest. The whole idea with 1A is a sleeping yo-yo, so it spins at the end of the string. With that you can actually land it into the groove of the string and do some pretty fancy tricks that we're actually going to be teaching you how to do as we progress through these segments. The next style of yo-yoing is called double A. It requires 2 imperial® shaped yo-yos as we talked about before. These are looping yo-yos. A loop is something like this. It comes in and shoots right back out. Double A refers to 2 yo-yos. When you see people at a contest, they'll actually be doing this with 2 hands. The next style of yo-yoing is called Triple A. This requires 2 sleeping yo-yos. With 2 sleeping yo-yos you're actually doing string tricks with both hands. It looks something like this. You get one yo-yo sleeping first. Then you get your other yo-yo sleeping. Then you bring them up like so. I'm going to manipulate them both on my string at the same time. The next style of yo-yoing is called 4A or off-string. This is actually played with the yo-yo we were talking about before made for off-string, so it's a little more durable. It actually comes off the string. This is isn't connected right now. You can actually whip it onto the string and then recall it back. That's off-string yo-yoing. The last style of yo-yoing is called 5A, which is also known as free hand or counter weight. It actually has a counter weight attached to the end of it. You do sleeping tricks just like you were on single A, but it's actually not attached. With that, you can manipulate both the yo-yo and the dice. You can do some pretty cool looking tricks. When you go to a contest those are the 5 main styles; 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A.

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