Offstring Loop Regen

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, this next trick is a regen, it's the Loop Regen, and itís like the loop the loop trick in 1A. And what's going on here on the motion isn't exactly the same as looping in 1A. It's more of a straight motion with your hand. So the yo-yo is returning and you're just going to keep your hand straight the whole time, and since itís a butterfly yo-yo you want it to regen out straight so you can catch it. So as you can see my hand stays straight the whole time but when it's coming back Iím making this motion with my hand that's forcing it back out there, because Iím not catching it, Iím just shooting it back out there. And then it's spinning frontwards so itís easier to do it the second time. And when you're doing that itís basically like throwing the yo-yo a second time, so have your non-throw hand ready to catch it. And that's the Loop Regen.

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