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Trapeze and his Brother - 5A

Yo-Yo Trick

What we are going to learn here is trapeze and his brother translated for 5A. Start off with a 5A trapeze. If you don't know that already thats just a windmill that is mounted. For trapeze and his brother what we are going to do is start out with that trapeze and were gonna dismount the yo-yo and release the counterweight at the same time in opposite directions and catch it right back. Let's see that again.

Trapeze, and that interception catch. We will check that out in slow motion now so you can see that movement a little better.

Dismount the yo-yo so you can get this motion down. It is all on my middle finger right here just like that. See how I curve. It all kind of converges right at that middle finger. And then you can replace your index finger or sometimes out of habit I will use all four fingers if I am using this as a transition move.

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