Offstring Left-N-Right Pops

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick I�ll be showing you is Left 'n' Right Pops, which goes like this - and that's all there is to it. And to start practicing this trick, what u really want to do, is you can actually practice it with the yoyo not spinning and just holding the string. And what you're going to do is just hold the string like you would be catching it, and get your whole hand inside the string. Then you're going to take your non throw hand and move it outside - or forward - and grab the string and twist it, like that, so u have it right here. Take the front string, twist it, and keep your right hand still, don't move your right hand. Twist it and go around. So I was right here, and I twist it to get the front string, and I went all the way around and back to the same position. And right there you're crossed. And what you're going to be doing is popping the yoyo on the front string of both sides, so once you get that - like I said - you catch it, hold it with your non throw hand, and then you want to put your whole hand through the yoyo. And your going to pop it up, just like a normal pop, but as you do that you need to do it quick so that's why you have to practice it without it spinning. Then you�re going to twist your hand, so I did that quick, and land it on the "near-your-throw-hand" side. So you're right here. And you're going to land the yoyo, the very first time you're going to pop it up and as you're twisting your left hand you're going to land it on this string and it's going to be near your throw hand - like that. And you�re just going to pop it onto each side. Actually, you kind of do move your right hand a little bit, I know I said you don't, but when I�m twisting this hand I�m bringing this forward like that so I can land it easier on the string. It just makes the trick easier to do, and my finger is kind of holding it so it�s like that and as you can see its crossed and you can just pop it on each side. And that's Left 'n' Right Pops.

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