Around the World Yo-Yo Trick Techniques

Yo-Yo Trick

The next yo-yo looping trick we're going to work on is called "Around the World". You want to have to be able to do forward pass already. And again, we touched on this in the basic string tricks. I just want to kinda go back over it again because for looping, you want to really strong around the world and you want it really straight. Around the World looks like this, yo-yo shoots around, comes back for a catch. You want to be able to do this fast and strong. When you first start, it's okay if the yo-yo kinda coming around and kinda shooting back on you like that or something but by now, you want to have a strong Around the World. So you'll notice as I come, my hand come straight out, the yo-yo shoots, I stop it, let it swing around a couple of times, and I control it back to my hand. It's really important for a lot of the basic tricks that we're going to be working on in the next two sections. This is the basic looping section, then the two-handed section. Because you want to really--you want to be able to get right out there. You'll almost don't even want to be really thinking about it, you just want it to happen. You'll notice when I'm doing it, it's almost second nature for me as the yo-yo shoots around and then comes back to my hand. Practice different speeds. Another thing you can practice is actually maneuvering the Around the World. I can actually bring it over to my one side back to the other. This is a really thing for practicing control of the yo-yo. It looks cool. Just make sure there's nothing around you you're going to hit. Practice strong around the worlds, controlling them just like so and you'll be ready to do some more of the advanced looping tricks.

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