How To Do An Over Wrist Mount

Yo-Yo Trick

This is the second variation of the wrist mount that I'm going to teach you. Wrist mounts again, really cool way to getting the tricks, it looks really good. This one is particularly cool flowing. It looks like this. Gets you right into a wrist mount. I really like this one because the string has a lot of movement, it looks really smooth. Spirit bomb is kind of a jumpy trick depending on how you do it. So it's nice to kind of get into it with a nice flowing movement trick. It looks really graceful and nice for the yo-yo's movement. So to do this trick; one again you're going to pinch, this is actually like another slack movement. What you're going to do is pinch like so, take your throw hand and what you want to do is you want to bring this string over, it's going to whip over your wrist kind of like that just like so, so hanging over there. I'll show you from this view what this looks like. It comes way over like so, then you take that hand and you bring it toward yourself and around. You'll notice that string just went from where it was to directly over the string the yo-yo's on. Then from there you land the yo-yo right into it and you immediately end a spirit bomb wrist mount. Let me show you one more time. It looks like this; you pinch, you bring the string over, you bring your hand in, the string is laying over the string, hooks it in and it will land, a little practice, right in the middle. When you put this together you want to really smooth, really flowing, if you watch me when I do it, my hand is in one continual notion. You can really make a really big motion, you make it make a really small notion, but either way do what works for you. The other thing you can is to hook it around your pointer finger as you bring it around. If you want you can stick your pointer finger out, makes an easier way to shoot it in. It means you'll probably get it more often, just like that, hook it in a wrist mount, you can do spirit bomb or wrist mount.

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