Offstring Rising Boings

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick is Rising Boings, and for this you really have to have Boingy-Boingy mastered, which is that trick. So what happens here is you start, like that, and you gradually rise up. The key to this is to have your first boing completely horizontal, so you kind of have to be bouncing back and forth pretty quickly to get that trick. A good way that I started learning it is I started at an angle, so I shot the yoyo more down but it was still horizontal compared to regular boings. You can start by practicing going down, horizontal, and just continue to keep a pattern with your throw hand of bouncing it the whole time going up. And make sure your hands are the same the whole time going up. Don't let them get closer or farther, just keep doing it the same, doing Boingy-Boingy all the way up. And that�s Rising Boings.

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