Snap Start Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo Trick

So when you practice yoyoing enough as we talked about on the single A tricks, you don't' want to be constantly winding it back up at your hand. So, just like in single A with snap starts, there's a way to snap start a yoyo in off string. Let me show you what it looks like. So, instead of winding the yoyo up, you're actually going to take the string like so and you're going to put it around one half of the yoyo just like that. So it's sitting on the strings, its not spinning yet, of course, but it's just sitting there. To get it spinning, you'll actually take your hand down here like so on to the yoyo. I used my middle finger and pointer, and I come down right on the yo-yo and I just push. And you'll see that it starts getting to spin like that, so you just push up. It's spinning and from there you can actually bind the yoyo back to your hand. Let me show you again. So, spin it. You can take that and then with the bind return, you can actually get it to come right back up. This is going to save you a lot time when you're first learning rather than constantly winding it up. You can just do that and get it back to your hands. It's going to make a big difference when you see people competing on stage on this division, you'll never see them wind in back up. They'll usually just snap it right back and recall it to their hand. So, that is a snap start. I highly suggest learning that.

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