Offstring Behind the Back Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, so this next trick is one of the hardest whips of them all, it�s the Behind the Back Whip. You don't exactly see the yo-yo and the string the whole time so you need to just know when to whip it, how to whip it, where to whip it, just everything. So once you get the basic Under Whip down you'll feel it, and then just throwing it I usually turn my body sideways and I toss it up softly and more behind my back so its just like tossing it at an angle behind you. And when whipping it you're going to do the exact same thing. You just need to time it and you can't really stick your hand farther back or anything really, it�s just like a normal Under Whip and then just try to use the back string to help you whip and see the string. And that�s the trick, that�s all there is. Two times.

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