Double Iron Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to show is called Double Iron Whip. This is a really cool looking trick, really impressive. It looks like this. What you do, getting ready to throw the yo-yo. It comes over your hand onto to the two strings like that and what's going to happen from here is you're going to whip the string around, the strings going to go once around the yo-yo and then come back around and whip in mid air. I'm going to show you what it looks like in real speed, real quick. So I come up and I land on like that and whip it around like so. So to do this, you're going to notice as it hits the string, my hand comes around the yo-yo once and then this loop is created and that's what whips the string like that. You want to make a really good hit as the yo-yo is coming and hitting those two strings really make a good impact so that you can grab that string and whip it around. If you haven't learned Iron Whip already, Iron Whip is this trick that we did in the expert or advanced section. Make sure you can do this one. This is really important for being able to hit, the double-version of it like that. Another trick to this is as it's coming around, you still want to have your hands wind up. You still want that pointer finger there, so as the yo-yo is coming around, you can guide it right into it. It's fast, it's really quick, with a little practice, it is a trick that you can hit pretty often just like so. One more time, that's Double Iron Whip.

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