Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, the next trick were going to do is Dumptrucks. Dumptrucks looks like this. Not much to it; it's just continuing to do Trapeze stalls. But that actually is kind of a big deal, because when you think about it, it should be impossible to do continuous Trapeze stalls. If I regenerate Trapeze stall, my spin direction has changed and I can't get in the same mount. But Dumptrucks actually allow you to because you are twisting the string a little bit, flipping the yo-yo over one half a time, and that flip, coupled with the regen, they cancel themselves out, and that allows you to land continuous mounts on that side of your body in that Trapeze style. You could even do Dumptruck around to Double or Nothing or Dumptruck to One-and-a-Half stall. Any of those should work as long as it's the same basic idea (spin direction polarity) as Trapeze stall. The regen and the flip will cancel each other out and they'll allow you to keep doing that. The way I do it is to kind of twist my finger this way (toward body), and by doing that I twist the string up. And as I move the yo-yo out away from me, it actually wants to start flipping over. So I just continue that, and the yo-yo's momentum keeps it flipping, and it's pretty easy to control it doing a one-half flip. You can also do Trapeze stall, Brother stall, and then on this side of your body (just got to make sure you have room in here) and I can curl my finger this way, and allow it to go back to Man and His Brother Stall. So, a really fun way to experiment with trying to get the same mount to repeat itself. It's probably the most efficient way you could possibly imagine to do that. So a great, brilliant trick element by Drew Tetz. Dumptrucks.

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