Reverse Trapeze Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to work on is the reverse trapeze whip. We just did the trapeze whip, it looks like this. You whip the string around the yo-yo like so, whips it right up. The reverse trapeze whip is the same thing except the reverse. So you start from a trapeze and you actually pop it up and instead of swinging underneath like we were, watch my throw hand, I'm actually swinging over. It swings over like so. The nice thing about this is you can repeat this over and over again, it's really smooth looking, you can do it in combination with the one that we've just learned. So you can do a trapeze whip, pop it up and then reverse it. The movement is the same except just reverse. So instead of whipping under like that, you're going to be whipping over. So you pop the yo-yo up and you whip over that finger, that string is going to whip over and that's what hooks onto the yo-yo. Let me show you what this looks like. You pop it up, you whip the string and it goes over your finger. It hooks into the yo-yo in the same manner, practice the trapeze whip if you're having trouble with that one, you're not going to be able to get this one. If you are getting the first one and having trouble with this one, slow down the video, watch it a lot, that'll really help. But basically it's the reverse, you're just basically popping it up from a trapeze and you're whipping it over your finger like so. To get out of it, you move one motion into the left and you don't want to move your throw hand again, you want to kind of follow it with the yo-yo as it goes around like so. So one more time; it comes around, follow the yo-yo around, keep it moving right there and you'll be set in trapeze. That's the reverse trapeze whip.

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