Offstring Star

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, this next trick is actually a picture trick called The Star, and this is what it looks like. To start off you want to take the string and what you do is make a "gun" with your left hand and you stick that through. And you're going to swing the yoyo around that side, the hand with the gun, and you're going to point this finger out, so you're really just pointing straight forward. And when you swing around you still have the gun and you're still pointing forward. So you should be have both hands pointing like that. Make sure it swings around the outside of that hand and, what you do from here is, you drop your gun finger so this one, you drop that, and you still have it on your thumb. (Whoops). From there you drop that and then you take this and you bring the back string of your pointing throw hand and bring it to the left. So, back string, and bring it to the left. All right. And what you do from there is bring your right hand and go inside and then up; so you want to go inside and then up and you should have the star. But that part is definitely the difficult part so you want to practice. You need to see what to do with this finger, but as you can see there�s two strings, right there, and then you're going to bring it towards the left, or towards the non throw hand, bring it inside and then it drops down. As you can see those strings drop and then you just point up. That's just the complicated part of it, so once you get to here you drop and then take the back string to the left and drop, there�s a triangle inside. Go to the triangle and the strings follow through, just make sure you stay still and let the strings do the work. And then you just point up and you have the star.

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