Offstring Behind Arm Rejection

Yo-Yo Trick

So one of the types of tricks there are is rejections, and this is the Behind the Arm Rejection. And what rejection really means is that the yo-yo string rejects out and you don't really control the yo-yo or the string really and it kind of just does its own thing. So to do this one it's kind of like the pops you learned in the very beginning. Pop it to the front string and then you just put it over behind your arm, and what you want to do is just push out. You push the yo-yo out and put your hand back and then let the string reject. So to get it in the front you start with your whip stance and get this opened up and then pop it up and put it on the front string like that. Just bring it over, and really you're just going to kind of slide your whole body and hand movement towards the front and not really do anything else, the yoyo should just reject out. When you move the string it should move by itself and then you just catch it on the same string you popped it off. So it really is all just one motion, like that. That�s the Behind the Arm Rejection.

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