Offstring One Handed Bind

Yo-Yo Trick

So a lot of tricks you see these days are binds, and the One Handed Bind is this. It's definitely one of the hardest tricks to get the hang of and to learn. So there are a few techniques I like to use to get this trick down. First of all, you don't really focus on the yo-yo too much or on the string that much, what u really do focus on is your hands and where you place your hands. What happens is when the yo-yo is right here you toss it up and you bring your hand in the circular motion. And then what I like to do is wrap the string around my middle finger so I know where the string is and I can control it a lot easier. And what you want to do is bring your hand close to the yo-yo; the more string you have to go through the yo-yo, the better the chance u have of getting it. So once you're right there you're going to get the string near the yo-yo and the yo-yo should be coming down as the string is going up. So you're going to pull up as well and it should bring force back to your hand. So what�s really happening is the string is going to do that, just without this hand. So like I said you want to aim it with this hand and then just go straight through the yo-yo and pull as the string hits the yo-yo. And that�s really all there is to it.

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