Yo-Yo Trick

Superman Part 1:

So the next trick we're going to show you is Superman. This is a very cool trick. Let me show you how it looks like first. It's actually based off of Spirit Bomb, so if you didn't learn Spirit Bomb yet, I think it's in the expert section, go take a look at it. It uses the Spirit Bomb mount which we already went over. Spirit Bomb mount looks just like that, so make sure you can get in to the Spirit Bomb mount and that you can get out of it. The trick Superman is this, Spirit Bomb mount you actually pop the yo-yo up into the air, it hits the string, it comes back over and then actually through a triangle, back through. That's actually what the whole trick looks like right there. Let me show you one more time, in real time. I'm now explaining it just like this. That's the whole trick. Part one, what you want to do. It starts with the Spirit Bomb mount. You bring your non-throw hand pointer into the string, just as if you were going to do Spirit Bomb, the trick. If you remember with Spirit Bomb, the trick, we actually went double onto the string, but we're not going to do that for Superman. You just get this far and what you want to do is you see this triangle I have, that's on my throw hand right there. The yo-yo was actually going to pop up from the inside, that's the side facing towards your body. Its going to pop up and land through this triangle, so let me show you what this looks like, I popped the yo-yo up and land it through that triangle and what's that done is it's created this extra wrap on the triangle, it's right there. Let me just get out of that real quick so I can show you again what that looks like. So this is just part one of Superman. I popped it up to that triangle just like so. One more time, it's from here, I popped it right up through this triangle, it lands right back on that one string like so. That's part one and part two is going to take us to the rest of the trick and that's Superman.

Superman Part 2:

This is part two of Superman. For Superman right now, we've only gone through Spirit Bomb mount and we popped it up. This is as far as we've gotten. The rest of the trick looks like this. There is about three or four moves left for part two. So first step, make sure you can get part one where you just pop it up through. The next step is actually similar to the beginning of Spirit Bomb. You actually pop it up on those two strings, so if you don't know Spirit Bomb already go take a look at that video again. If you do know Spirit Bomb it's just this, and this is the trickiest part, the trick possibly. As you come back around what your going to do is actually-- the yo-yo is going to swing around over this hand and come off the string laying on the front string just like that and when you pop it back, you've actually haven't done anything. Nothing has changed with the string configuration, it's just a very slick looking move and as a matter of fact, you can practice this move from just the basic Spirit Bomb mount. If you come up and over, swing it over like that, you're right back where you started, onto that we might not get knots. Let me show you real quick what the hand looks like coming from this direction. It kinda makes an L. I pushed my thumb up, I keep this hand rigid and as the yo-yo comes up and over, you see how it flips off that one string. Let me show you again real quick, it comes up and over and what happens is it lands on that string, that's to the front, it's the--it's the farthest string from you. What you want to do is once it's on that string, I will show you from this angle again, so we did the first pop, we come overhand, land it on that string. We pop it from the string up onto the bottom string. It's right back where you started. You actually haven't done anything from here. The last step to Superman. You actually go as if you're going to dismount it, but you dismount it towards the front, so instead of going to the back like we have been teaching you, you come to the front like so. You actually swing the yo-yo up and you're going to reverse what you did in the beginning, that's going to come back to this triangle you created. It looks just like this, it comes up, pops through and lands right back where you started and dismount from here. Let me show you real quick again what this looks like. You're probably going to have to watch the end of the this video a couple of times to really get the hang of this, pop up to the front, open this triangle to really get that through, just like so, that's Superman.

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