Brain Twister Counterweight Release

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to show you is a brain twister release. This is where you're in a brain twister mount which is something we learned previously and you actually let go of the dice and then just re-catch it like that. So, the trick once again is from brain twister mount, you're actually just letting go of the dice and then re-catching it like that. If you get this into one, smooth, slow motion, it's can look like this. Just like that. To do this, what you do is you start from a brain twister. One of the keys is you only use one finger on the brain twister mount. So, you know that normally in the brain twister, we do this. Like that. What you actually want to do is make sure that the dice is over your finger up here like so, so that as you go to release the brain twister, it can come off the string like that and then you can re-catch it. So one more time from brain twister just like so. You can do your brain twister first if you want to and then you're ready for that release down below so it looks like this. Brain twister release and then catch. That's brain twister with the freehand.

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