How to Add a Counterweight to a Yo-Yo

Yo-Yo Trick

So, with freehand play you have a counterweight, I have a dice in this case. It's a dice that actually has a whole drill completely through it, from one side to the other. What you do is you take your string. This is how to put it on. You actually take the string. You push it through the hole, just like so through the dice. It comes back around. It threads the dice right onto that. And then what you want to do is you have your loop at the top here. You take this loop and you take this string from the other end and you feed it through that loop, that you would normally put your finger through. You pulled it through, drop it down, wraps right around the dice like so. It's all snug on there. Then you're actually going to take the string from the other end, place it on your yoyo, like I showed you and some of the beginner, how to yoyo sections, comes around like so. Roll it up and you're ready to learn how to throw. Take a note that you can use pretty much anything for counterweight, as long as it has a whole through it. Some things are better than others depending on different weights, different shapes with them. Some people like to use little bouncy balls. Some people having going to used things like beanie babies. Its kinda fun to mess around with the way you can attach to the end. We'll keep that in mind as you're learning and attaching it to the yoyo.

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