Yo-Yo Trick

Tangler Part 1:

The next yo-yo trick-- two-handed yo-yo trick, we're going to be learning is called tangler and it's actually-- it's one of my favorite two-handed tricks. It's not necessarily the hardest one, just takes a lot of practice. It looks really impressive. What you're doing is, literally taking the yo-yos from around the world. You're swinging them in front of each other which is actually tangling them and then untangling them. Trick looks like this; they tangle, they're going around each other and they come out and you catch. So, one more time, it looks like this; they're tangled and then you come out and catch them. To practice this, I highly recommend just using two dead yo-yos; they're not spinning at all. Practice first swinging them around. I found it's easiest to get into tangler if you do it while they're not going at the same time. So, you'll notice, one's coming around then the other, as one's coming around then the other. I usually let my non-dominant hand to lead so the non-dominant hand is swinging around first and then as it comes around, you take your throw hand, my right hand and I actually take it over to the side and cross it. You'll notice the strings have tangled, what you do from there -- now, notice, I've got it crossed over here, this is going to happen a lot when you first learn. You'll notice it's really easy. You just take it, uncross it and you'll be out.

Tangler Part 2:

You want to get that down so you can practice this a lot. So, as I do it, I cross over. You'll notice the next part is I bring my right hand over and then bring it back in front of me. So, I bring my right hand over and then bring the yo-yos back in front of me, and they'll just continue kind of going around in front of your body like so, controlling it right in the center there. One more time, I swing them around, I bring one over to the right side, and bring them back over like that. Slight tugs with both hands will also help keep them going on around each other. and you want to really practice that too. As it's just the right tension; you want to be pulling just the right amount either side. Another thing you can practice doing is just grabbing string a little bit around your hands. This makes there a little bit smaller of a tangler and sometimes much smaller is a little bit easier to control and you won't feel like the yo-yo's going to hit yourself. So, once you have that done, at least get in a crossing motion and you can try throwing the around the worlds in to it and you'll notice as I do it, I'm just kind of letting the yo-yos pull themselves around. I'm just slightly tugging but I'm really letting them control their movement and then the key to uncrossing them is you basically do the same thing except they were here. I just take my non-throw hand and I cross it over and they just completely untangle themselves. One more time now, tangler, cross, up and go around, uncross and then catch, and that's the trick.