Yo-Yo String Looping Techniques

Yo-Yo Trick

So the next step in looping is putting it on your hand, getting the yo-yo string on your hand the right way. And it sounds silly to go over this again. But there's actually something a little bit different to it I want to point out. So as normal, you have your slip knot. This is really important for looping. You want a really good slip knot on there because otherwise the yo-yo can come shooting off your hand, you'll lose control of it and you really don't want that to happen 'cause these can move pretty fast. What you want to do is you put the slip knot around your hand like so and you'll notice there's one side that has a single strand, and the other side has a double strand. Like that. You want the double stranded side to be facing away from your bodies. You'll notice that if my hand is going out, that double strand is facing away from my body not towards my throw hand side. If it was like this, what would happen is, is as you're looping the yo-yo comes around and because of the way the slip knot grabs it's actually just going to swing around like that and as you're looping it, makes it really hard to control if the string is continually spinning around your finger. You'll notice that when I bring it over and tighten it, as I'm trying to do loops, it's not moving anywhere because the slip knot is pulling it tighter every loop I do. It's not going to move. It's going to be stationary and that's going to help you control your loops so much better. So keep an eye on that and make sure those-the two handed strings are going the right side and you'll be ready to learn.

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