Types of Offstring Yo-Yos

Yo-Yo Trick

So, I just want to touch on the different types of off string yoyos really quick. Today, I've got this one. I've mentioned before that it's got more rubber on it. It helps it make it a little more durable. And there are lots of different off string yoyos like this out there. If you go and look around and type in off string yoyo into a Google search, you'll definitely find some different kinds. This is the one I prefer but there are lots of other ones that are good. At competitions though, you'll see people use all sort of different things. This is actually ,it's a small yoyo, so you wouldn't think it's good for off string, so it will be a little bit harder to catch. But with some practice, people could actually throw this up and catch on a string, and do all sorts of tricks. This actually has a rubber edge to it still, so it's a little bit smaller, but its still got a rubber edge if you drop it, it's still going to hold up for you. And with a little more weight 'cause this yoyo is pretty light, believe it or not, with all the rubber and the plastic on there. This one gives you a little more weight, gives you a little more spin time, so depending what kind of string tricks you're doing, this might work out better for you. Then, we've got the metal rimmed edges. This is what you've seen us using for the regular string tricks, and sometimes even in the competition, you'll see somebody using something like this. With these types of yoyos, it makes a lot easier to throw it off the string and glide across your arm. Those are off string tricks that aren't commonly done with these, because of the rubber. So, different types of yoyos are going to allow you to do different tricks. I just wanted to make sure it's important that you understand that off string can be done with any type of yoyo. There's going to be different type of yoyos made for it, but whatever yoyo you have, you can learn some basic tricks on it, just depending on what kind it is. Some are going to be more durable than others.

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