Zipper Stalls!

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, next trick is Zipper Stalls. Looks like this. And it's a repeater, so you can do it as much as you want to. This is a trick I came up with to look like (or to BE exactly like) Mark McBride's 1a trick "The Zipper". If you don't already know that, go back and learn that in the 1a section. This is basically The Zipper, but with stalls. So you're going to throw an undermount (stall), and you're going to somersault it toward your body, you're going to regenerate it back toward your body and then away, and then when it comes back, you're going to catch it over your middle finger on the other side. And that's about the halfway point of the trick.

So, once again, undermount stall, somersault, regenerate, catch. Now we're going to go ahead and somersault the other way, away from our body. And then we're going to throw it away from our body in a regeneration and catch it in that undermount again. So that's the whole trick. On this side. Undermount, somersault, regenerate, catch, somersault, regenerate catch. Don't get tangled up. Let's start that again; somersault, regenerate catch, somersault, regenerate, catch, etc. When you get tired of it, just stop.

You can also do it from a split bottom mount. So you can throw a split bottom stall, somersault it toward your body, regenerate it, catch it in a reverse split bottom, somersault it, etc. So you can do that variation too if you want to. But, make sure you go learn the Zipper and practice that well, because that's fundamental to doing the Zipper Stalls trick.

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