Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we are going to be doing is a trick called Seasick. Looks just like it sounds. Makes you seasick. It's crazy looking, it's really cool. Let me show you what it looks like first and then we're going to go through it. Seasick looks like this. It comes up from a split bottom mount and then what you do is come back. The yo-yo shoots up into the air and back down again. I'm going to do a couple rolls to make it easier for myself. And this is what it looks like. That's the trick called Seasick. You notice the yo-yo is just bouncing up and down between two strings. It's like a crazy Boing Boing or something like that. But it's a really impressive trick. People don't even know what to think when they see that. So that's Seasick. Let me show you how it's done. What you do is you start from a split bottom mount and instead of going forward you are actually going to go backwards. You go backwards on to the string that's connected between your throw hand, middle finger, and your pointer finger so it comes back like that. And from here what you do is you keep going back like so into that next string and as you do so you shoot it up. It's kind of a weird motion. Let me show from this angle. As it comes back you bring it back here and you shoot it up into the string so like that. It's kind of like that. You can see the beginning of it starting to form. Let me show again. It's shooting up like that, so it comes back and you shoot it up. Take a look at this video, slow it down a little bit to see what I'm doing. Really practice shooting it up like that. Now when it comes back down it's going to fall onto that bottom string and that's right where you started from again. So you just go backwards, shoot it up and it comes back down to that string. So just like this. When you first start your motions might be more like that like it might just be going up and down which is fine. The more you practice, the more you're going to get room for the yo-yo to move in and the more advanced your Seasick will get. Try this one more time. Up and down, up and down, you're controlling it. As it hits that string you kind of come back, it's kind of like a stalling action as it's coming down you kind of let if fall back down. It's a little bit tricky. It's one of those tricks that just requires lots of practice. Watch the video like I said. Watch is thoroughly. And good luck.

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