Looping Arm Wrap

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to work on is called the looping arm wrap. What you're actually doing is the loops with one hand, and you're wrapping the yo-yo around the other hand as you're doing it and then unwrapping it. The trick itself looks like this. You start with two-handed loops and, watch now, I'm going to take my throw hand, comes on, swings up and around and back in to a loop, just like that. What's actually happening is you're throwing an around the world, the yo-yo comes around your hand makes a wrap and then you unwrap it back into loops. From this side, if you'll notice what happens if I throw an around the world, swing this up over my arm, it's going to come on the inside. So if you're looking down at it to the left, if you're throwing with your right hand, comes right on the inside towards your body. Your other throw hand comes under the hand up and over, unwraps, and then you shoot it back into loops. One more time, swings up, over, out and catch like that. Just to practice that motion, this is a really good thing just to practice like so. This is a normal arm wrap. So, if can get this down. Then what you want to do is while you're doing the looping motion, just practice with an around the world. Practice coming around, unwrapping, unwrapping and then catching, just like that. Eventually, you'll be able to do loops with both hands and shoot it around like so. Let me show you one more time what it looks like, two-handed loops, the string comes over, wraps and unwraps like so. And thats an arm wrap.

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